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The sheet musics of my three composition can be downloaded from the Sheet music menu.

This is my first composition, what was a gift to a friend.

Title: Dawn

A newer record, this is not an image slideshow:

My second composition has completely other style, more melancholic, what fits me better.

Title: Last Smile

This piece got too a new record, where you can see me instead of a slideshow:

My third composition was a gift too.

Title: 20

If I’ve made new record for the other own compositions, why not for this too?

The piece below was inspirated by my fiancée. However it was a question if I will write again piano pieces, but it was answered by her, by entering in my life.

A címe: Happiness

I think most of you have heard Havasi Balazs’ piece, the Storm. When I heard it the first time, I’ve decided to learn it, however is very difficult. So I’ve started to search is sheet music, but I haven’t found nothing. That time I’ve decided to write it down.

My next videos music’s composer isn’t me, I’m only the  artist. The composer is Yiruma, I like his pieces very much.

I made some without slideshow pictures too, here you can see my hands.

This was made for Christmas, Jingle Bells in jazzy style, arranged by Eric Baumgartner.

If you’ve seen Darren Aronofsky’s movei, Requiem for a dream, this song will be well known, because it is its soundtrak.

In the video below I play Mike Cornick’s Minor Event from album Dixieland Piano.

After the piano videos here come some trumpet videos:

You can see more brass music videos on Oradea’s Symphonic Brass Orchestra’s webpage:

Or on this playlist: Osso Varadinum videos



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