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Last update: 15th July 2012

I don’t promise that I will update this section many times, but if it’s out of date, please write me.

My complete name is David Szilágyi-Benedek, my name is David and my family names are Szilágyi-Benedek. I had some problems because of them, but that is an other story …

When I write this, it’s the end of the year 2011. I was born in Nusfalau, Salaj county, Romania. If you don’t know this country, Romania is situated in Southeastern Europe. Here don’t live only Romanians, but Hungarians too in a large number. I’ve learned in my home village, and in the closest small city, Simleu Silvaniei. After that I graduated on the Partium Christian University, Management Class.

During my 21 years I’ve tried many sides of the life, I had many hobbies. Near the ITech, my favorite hobby was the music. From 12 years old I’ve started to play the piano, some years later the trumpet too.

The music occupies a very special position in my life, some years I’m a conductor too, I play in 3 orchestras. One of them is a little bit famous too, the Oradea’s Symphonic Brass Orchestra. We’ve been  in Germany so far, but we have more plans for the future. If you think, visit us at www.ossovaradinum.tk, what is my work too.

However now I don’t study music, and I didn’t study ever, I can’t leave out from my life. This could be confirmed by my nearest friends, I find some kind of music in everything. I can’t see in the future, everything’s the future’s music, or the music’s future? Who knows …


“There isn’t complete spiritual life without music. Spirit has some sections, that can be lightened only by music.”

Zoltán Kodály



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